One of my favorite artists has to be atrocityland and his Strangers bestiary project which I’ve followed since 2011.  [In fact, here’s a piece I did back then of the same creature.]  This particular creature is a type of Stranger, one of the many documented in the Strangers project which is currently on hiatus as it is finally reaching publication which I am very excited about.  Its type is called an Endroni.

Have a look at Felix’s work here!

I’m floored by how up-my-alley your style is with this- I love the way you drew the pose, the thin dripping ink-lines, that insidious yet implacable expression- and it fits the composition too perfectly for me to handle, the contrast between smooth curves and impeccable geometry is just so nice. I really adore this so much- thank you so so much, and thank you doubly for your interest in the project, I’m wholeheartedly flattered;;;;

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To get used to sai I’ve been reconstructing my old traditional pieces as digital ones 

experiment 1/?

It’s really beyond me, just how perfect this is… the folds of the bed, the detailing in the face, the composition with that endless black all around- and the way that ambidroni’s eye is so ever-seeing and central to the whole thing. You have a true skill with your painting that I can only hope to achieve someday in my own colors- I’m truly blown away~ thank you endlessly for your interest in the project and for lending your skills to a creature such as this;

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Here is a small preview of what could be a possible Strangers product series- these images would appear on cell phone charms, or pins/buttons.

TOP ROW (left to right): the simdroni [who inhibits communicative and social ability], the gangridrene [whose presence causes flesh to turn gangrenous in living creatures], the condroni [who is filled with brains and absorbs and retransmit radio/TV waves] BOTTOM ROW (left to right): the drosodroni [whose touch causes catatonia], the ladroni [who causes severe nausea], and the haledroni [who seeks out and destroys human forms]

Expect further news relating to Strangers starting this Fall…

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Strangers has been in the making since 2008, but is now a realityFelix Kramer’s 55,000 word+ manuscript has been completed, reviewed, and is now officially scheduled for print development and release for summer 2015 via BenJeremy.com. Both Felix and I have been so amazed with the support and feedback the project has received over the years; being able to take it to the next level as a published volume is a dream come true.

Strangers is an illustrated prose project revolving around fictional entities that straddle the line between humans, animals, inanimate objects, and natural phenomenon. This edition will be released next summer as a hardbound physical volume, and wide digital release as an e-book. In the interim, you can expect to see other exclusive media as we begin leading up to spring pre-orders.

After quite a long period of silence, we are so overjoyed to officially announce the next phase of the Strangers project. Thank you so much for those who have expressed interest in and supported Strangers thus far- there is so much more in the works, which you’ll start to see more news of this fall, leading up to the aforementioned Summer 2015 release. Keep your eyes open for lots of new things to come!

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a portfolio piece for myself. I’ve been very into Japanese poster art and I was a bit inspired.

ブラッドレター (bloodletter)
私たちはあなたの友人ではありません。(we are not your friends)

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finished some art for the first time in a while, I hope that you guys enjoy

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After god knows how many months, I’ve given up and declared this finished

An Ambidroni from AtrocityLand’s Strangers Project 

This is so amazing *_* I love everything about this…the color scheme, the composition, and I’m kind of obsessed with those stars on the wall (I have the same type of stars all around my own bedroom, hah)…so so so flattered by your interest in the project!

Credits for the ambidroni’s visual design go to J…I really need to get my butt back in gear when it comes to this project

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STRANGERS SITE ON HIATUS: those of you who follow the Strangers site may have noticed a lack of updates on the site for quite a while- I have decided to put the site on hiatus while I work on completing the text itself. You can read the full reasons for the hiatus here, but the TL;DR version is that Strangers is not dead- far from it- it is simply not a great working method, I’ve discovered, to try and update/make public something that is very, very much still in progress.

I have actually been working on the project’s text privately for a few months now and it’s been so much more freeing to know I can change around things without contradicting myself, etc. The strangers manuscript is around 50,000 words so far (down from around 80,000…), so as you can imagine, there are a lot of small details that need to be changed around during edits. I only hope that I won’t disappoint those who do enjoy the site. There will be more Strangers things in the future, no worries there.

(also: J. drew the art, it is not mine.)

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So, I’ve been sitting on these prints for quite a while, and it’s time to finally unload them. These are two postcard-sized Strangers prints featuring art by J (aka the awesome co-collaborator on the Strangers project). The colors and quality are absolutely lovely on paper! If you’re interested, take a look here- they are on sale right now, 6$ for the two of them.

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On a much less serious/frightening note, tumblr user dirtyclowns drew these absolutely lovely strangers ;; I really love the hands in particular, and the fluid/drippiness is really lovely as well. Huge thank-yous to dirtyclowns~ 

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