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Posted 1 year ago

For brushes: I actually just use the default photoshop brushes! But here’s a “tutorial” showing my methods as of late. I don’t have the sketch anymore so it starts at the inking stage, apologies.

1. Ink.

(The trick I’ve found for clean lineart is to make your canvas 400% larger than the ‘final’ size [i.e if you want the finished image to be 1000px wide, make your canvas 4000px wide] - and ink everything with the magnification zoomed in 200%. For printed images, make sure your image is 300dpi.)

2. Add flats.

3. Shade using a broad airbrush and a ‘multiply’ layer. I shade cool colors using blue, and warm colors with red or brown. I put this layer on a low opacity- 30-40% or so.

(Look around the ears in case you can’t tell where it’s been shading- I’ve been a bit more minimal with my shading as of late.)

4. Shade using a smaller airbrush on a second ‘multiply’ layer for areas of finer detail. I also put this on a low opacity- but usually make it a bit darker than the other shading layer.

5. Use a white airbrush on an ‘overlay’ layer for highlights. Again, I use a layer opacity of around 30-40% for this.

6. Add a texture using another ‘overlay’ later.

And you are done. I hope that helps! Thank you so much for your interest in my work!

Posted 1 year ago

I am so happy to announce that Wrong Neko sets 4, 5, and 6 are now on sale through 13crowns! Plus, if you order any three sets, you can also get two bonus head stickers.

Take a look here!

Reblogs help very much in getting my work out there- and of course I am so incredibly thankful for those who have supported my work thus far. It means so much to me, thank you all so much!

Posted 1 year ago

I got a new tablet for my birthday (which I’m so so so happy about- my old one was starting  to get really worn out….this one is also larger which makes it much easier to ink and such) so I colored this to celebrate.

Still working on Wrong Neko (as I said, I’m not sure when sets 4-6 will be out, but they will happen)- and I’ve started working on a new series, which are smaller stickers which just feature different head designs…here’s a sneak peek at the first one I’ve finished so far~

Posted 1 year ago

possible sticker design?

my birthday is tomorrow……….cool

Posted 1 year ago

Back in the day, I used to have a species called finks, which were sort of like proto-Strangers… I don’t really use them much anymore (except for random iconography in my doodles/designs) but they’re still kind of fun.

Anyway, I drew these as a gift for my friend J, these were all finks that she made (except for the very last one, which is mine). from top to bottom: Ri, Tao, Dowser, Salinger, Jfink, Kon.

I also tried out a new style for these, which was lots of fun…

Posted 1 year ago

Wrong Neko, set 6. I’m not sure when these sets will be on sale, but don’t worry, you will all know as soon as they are available!

Posted 1 year ago

"Intestinal Meow"

NOTE: this is not a depiction of violence against a cat. this is a cat which can open up the two halves of its body - it is filled with gummy cherry-flavored tentacles inside. When it puts its halves back together, it is good as new again.

Also I really like drawing weird worming tendrils and stuff……….

Posted 1 year ago

retro-style mutant cat. idk. I’m supposed to be taking it easy (sick right now…) but I hate not working on things….now it’s time to lie down, I have a headache

Posted 1 year ago

Finally finished Wrong Neko sets 4 & 5! I’m trying some new things with color here, which I’m really happy with…and of course I’m still trying to push my concepts in new directions.

Once I finish set 6 (and the bonus sticker), these will go on sale. Set 6 is still being planned so I’m not 100% sure when this will happen, hopefully sooner rather than later. Thanks so much to those who have enjoyed these stickers!

Posted 1 year ago

Old art (2010) that I dug up while trying to find a reference for something on my HD. This is a cat-sona I designed for myself….I still kind of like it c: