I got tagged by Coey to do this style meme; as you can see I have a remarkably monochromatic wardrobe;

Everyday, perhaps in anticipation of winter here I am in my typical coat + scarf. Around the house is usually just a t-shirt, jeans and my lock/chain (which never comes off); as you can see I paint my toenails red…and fancy in this case is the outfit I wore the last time I went out to a nice restaurant; the tie clip says “lucky” in Hebrew, which matches my name [which also means “lucky”], although I don’t speak Hebrew…

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I posted this on my rarely-used FA account, but forgot to mention it here…this is an adoptable – Cardinal, a fink (one of my species). He lives in a forest lush with red flowers, so many, in fact, that they coat the ground and the trunks of all the white-leaved trees. Although he is quite large, he hides amongst the bushes as he hunts, his lair a mass of skeletons overgrown with these flowers.

Although Cardinal is a fearsome and formidable creature, he does not kill humans or any other intelligent life. While he has a brash and brazen personality, he is not a mindless creature, but spends his time creating limericks and rhyme, which he carves upon the trunks of trees as both guides and warnings to travelers who make their way through his territory.

Of course, if you purchase him, you are not obligated to use the above. If you buy him, you can modify his name, story, design in any way you see fit.

Please contact me via email at felix[at]atrocityland.com if you are interested in purchasing him. If you buy him, I will send you a high-res .png file, and you will have full rights to use the design for any personal work, including roleplay, personal writing, artwork, etc, but you cannot claim the design or species as your own, nor make money from it. If you use the design, you don’t need to credit me each and every time you post it, but please don’t claim it as your own.

Cost is 35$ – thank you so much for reading all of this.

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2 months ago

a quick drawing for myself, experimenting with a looser/sketchier style. This is a fink, one of my species, this one wearing a suit built to travel through space or outer dimensions. If you look carefully, you can see a heart on the outside of his body; made of metal, this helps regulate his bodily functions against the cold vacuum of the world outside. The words around him are written in one of my fictional languages, which was once called “false ladronari” due to its connection with the Strangers world, but has sort of transcended that universe and appears in several of my other stories, too, so perhaps a rename is in order…

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2 months ago

Here is a small preview of what could be a possible Strangers product series- these images would appear on cell phone charms, or pins/buttons.

TOP ROW (left to right): the simdroni [who inhibits communicative and social ability], the gangridrene [whose presence causes flesh to turn gangrenous in living creatures], the condroni [who is filled with brains and absorbs and retransmit radio/TV waves] BOTTOM ROW (left to right): the drosodroni [whose touch causes catatonia], the ladroni [who causes severe nausea], and the haledroni [who seeks out and destroys human forms]

Expect further news relating to Strangers starting this Fall…

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3 months ago

"The Sixteen Lesser Saints" is a collaborative project that a friend and I put together last spring – it kind of sat in limbo for a while, but this week, I put the final touch-ups on the art/bios and coded a website for them… just a small project, but one that I hope you enjoy (plus, it feels nice to finally scratch something off on my “to-do” list).

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6 months ago

I made some adoptables over the weekend from one of my creatures, a species named Finks (important note: although they look like Strangers, they are not Strangers). They are now for sale at 17$ each and come with a short bio (which you don’t have to use if you don’t want to). I’ve never done this before, so this will be a learning experience, ha…

If you’re interested in buying one, I have a post up here with more details. Thank you very much for looking.

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7 months ago

a portfolio piece for myself. I’ve been very into Japanese poster art and I was a bit inspired.

ブラッドレター (bloodletter)
私たちはあなたの友人ではありません。(we are not your friends)

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8 months ago

This is the exclusive Wrong Neko sticker for backers of the Kickstarter. The theme is “Schrödinger’s cat.” It was nice to return to drawing these guys after taking a bit of a break for so long…

The funding goal for the Kickstarter has been met (within the first 12 hours, I believe…I was so shocked, but very happy)- I can’t thank you all enough, it truly means so much to me. You are all such wonderful people and I wish you all the best in the world. Thank you again very much, from the very bottom of my heart 

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9 months ago

Trying a new coloring style, I’m really enjoying doing this kind of thing

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10 months ago

I haven’t been drawing much lately (mostly switched over to writing for the time being), but here are a few little things from the past however-long, little images for my website and whatnot

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